Sunday, April 19, 2009

Brief little problem

hey peps!
'tis been a while that I've posted anything...
And sadly I am bringing another bad day to talk to you about.

If my memory still serves me well, it was last Wednesday that it happened...
Let's start with First Sergent being a dick and wanting to take my ranks away from me when I did not wanted to cut my hair... Isn't that just bullcrap??
Then there's the fact that I recently found out that i have a GPA of 2.6-ish which is kinda low for me.
Later after I went home...finding out that we've been robbed...
They got my laptops, my PSP, and plenty other valuable crap in my sanctuary.
Then i wanted to talk to my friend from Brunei...
And finding out that I got her into some trouble.
I don't know why but I don't feel like typing today and there are plenty more stuffs that happened that day that I haven't even touched yet.
Well I'll type something more when I get my laptop back...

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