Saturday, June 27, 2009

this week....

hey again peps ^^
this week was insane!!!!! so many things to do so little time...
Let's see... after my friends came back from camp i started my driving classes and running in the morning ^^ i found this trail that was wicked and it was green EVERYWHERE!!!!! it was breath taking.... till you reach the end where the road suddenly turn into asphalt XD

Basically I've been on my phone txting and on my 360 gaming... its sad that no one wants to go out in the middle of the day just to chill outside or something like that... oh well i guess it's time that i get myself a new basketball xD

tomorrow is my birthday... I've invited some people over for a party but i didn't really tell anyone... i wonder who will actually remember ^^ I'm sooo evil... well not that much but still... (yes yes i know i abuse the dots)

today i was walking around and txting my friends at the same time and out of the sudden my phone went crazy... now i look at it and its pitch black but if i press a button, i see some blue, black MAJOR pink and purple colors on it... my phone is supposed to be black and red that's it!
i tried to change the background and all but it didn't do anything except give me a bigger headache XD

Geez i should really write here more often... i forget things that happened and i wanted to type it down but my 360 held me down XD oh well better luck next time... I'll try to type everything that happens tomorrow ^^
peuce out peps

Thursday, June 25, 2009


hey peps
so let me get down to business... (yes i know ive been very straight forward these past days....)
ive had a LONG convo with my friend via texting... but it wasn't really a good convo...
We kinda had an argument... i don't like arguments... and i dislike liars even more...

i approached her about an issue that a "friend" told me... well i don't really think i am friends with this "friend" anymore... she's kinda mad at me... i asked her why and she promised her friends that she wouldn't tell me... isn't that nice? her friends are making her hate me and she doesn't really know why XD

anyhow back to the conversation via texting... she lied to me in order to test me on whether or not i would care if she was bi or not... well long story-short i kinda failed... (personal reason here)

anyhow this passed already and we are all good friends XD i'll stop this nonsense now before it gets even bloodier ^^
peuce out peps i'll be right back

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


HEY PEPS!!!!!!!
yep yep yep i graduated hahaha
everything went out smoothly ^^ except my hat was a little bit too big so it kept falling off XD (and my sister caught that on the video....grr....damn hat.... make me look like a god darn fool....)
its nothing really bad but still... i arrived there like 1830 which is kinda late caus i wanted to say bye to a friend of mine that was still going to stay in high school while i move across the street to fullerton COLLEGE now MUHAHAHAH XD

humm what else.... summer is here... ive gotten an xbox 360 from my parents hehehe ive been playing with it since the vacation started ^^ and txting my usual friends hehehe you know who you are... anyhow... im bored right now... i only have like 4 games 2 which are really good but one of them, im playing with a friend and i don't want to lose our spot... and ive finished the other one hehehe

my birthday is coming! im not really looking forward to it... caus there's nothing really interesting that is going to happen... maybe some paintballing or just a quiet party at my place... we'll see what we'll see XD

on the down side... i broke up with my girlfriend...

enough said...
take care peps...