Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Wow now i know its been a while since i've written here but oh well hahaha

so here I am hanging out in the Student Center as usual
waiting for my friend to get here and my fingers were OVERWHELMED by the feeling of typing hehehe

on a bad-er note...i broke up with my girlfriend...she was really special to me and treated me nicely and respected me...but she went to a better university up in i hung onto a slight hope that a long distance relationship would probably work out between us yet the hope that i wished to turn into reality was slowly crushed by time and distance

now we are friends...good friends that is =DD

i acquired a job at Bebe's which is a woman retail clothing store...ish...XD
but oh well the point is that i got a job and its being crappy right now DX im thinking about switching yet i don't really want to because i like what i do and whom i work with =DD the environment and the settings are pretty ... entertaining!? and no people, get your heads out of there, its not just because of girls hahaha

College life is ok where it is just a tad bit complicated due to grades and people XD well then again what do you expect from being in the US right!? >.<
i hope that my friend from the H.S. whom are graduating in June might jump in some classes i'm taking at the same time hehehe

oh well whenever i do something crazyly stupid or insane i'll try to post it hehehe
take care now peps

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Weekend to Merced (Friday+Saturday)

Hey peps ^^
i just went through the best weekend since forever!!!!!
i went to see my girlfriend up in Merced =)

Friday October 16th, i had class...a midterm to be exact...and i remember that i was kinda jumping on my seat that day caus i wanted to see my girlfriend so badly XD
we were supposed to leave Fullerton around 12...that's what they told me a week or so ago on that day...then the thursday before that, they told me that the latest was after my midterm i went home, packed my stuffs, tried to make time fly by watching a movie...then got a txt saying that my ride was going to be here at 1900... FOUR HOURS LATER!!!! i'll admit i was pissed...but now i know that the wait was worth it and that it really paid off =)

when my ride got here, we drove through a heavy traffic, ~5 very long hours, then through a very HEAVY fog, to finally find that huge University...her mother told me to go get her while half of my body was already outside the car rushing to her dorm...
when i got to the door, i saw her...there....smiling...caring her drums...damn i missed her...but that darn drum was in the way for a proper hug but at least i got to see her right?? XD
we got to the motel, her mother crashed on one bed and we got on the other..nothing happened rest assured...but we still cuddled hehehe
Saturday morning, we went to the University a BIT too early...(0800 is still too early to me hahaha) grabbed breakfast, listened the band playing, listened to some random dude and chick talking about the foundation of that whatsamacallit in 10 years?!? (which i have slept through a part of it hehehe)then band again...but after that i got some chicken...pasta...bread...god...i ate so much i actually forgot what i ate hahaha they had performances from different clubs...some stuffs like mexican dance, intro dance, then when i heard the word "cheerleader" i straight out asked them if they wanted to go out and do something now that we had finished eating XD
after eating they had a bunch of other activities to do but we didn't go because we just didn't have to! XD but we had to stay till Mariah had to finish her thing with band at 1400, after that, we went to the motel where her mother crashed for while.
by the time she slept, we went to the exercise room that the motel provided...but it turned out that it was kinda crappy with busted treadmill and cheap ass weight lifting after a while we went back in our room and sat there watching tv and cuddling at the same time hehehe

around 1745 her mother woke up, and we all got ready and went to the University for dinner...oh did i tell you that we were randomly talk about how we could have snuck in and got the foods and all for free instead of paying that registration fee thing? yeah it happened throughout Saturday and Sunday hahaha...Mariah was like ugh, Mariah's mother and i were like ROFLMAO humm if i remember correctly...i had a huge ass hot dog with a burger and few slices of tripes...mmmm it was pretty good ^^
and they had a live concert too which was pretty decent till i had to turn around to witness a huge blur dancing few feet behind me....i still get the shivers from seeing that awfulness XD what?!? i swear she was her dancing was... so... scary that American idol won't even allow to put it on screen XD

after eating, we walked around campus for a bit, then went to the downtown where we planned to watch a movie...but it started at 2200 so we just decided to chill at the motel...again...we watched part of a movie there, Mariah took a power nap, i took a shower...and we went for the movie again XD
we watched Couples Retreat or something like that xD it was kinda awkward but funny at the same time hehehe then finally we went to the motel and LITERALLY crashed there god we were pretty tired hahaha

and so am i
night peps

Sunday, October 4, 2009


hey people
here in the States we have events called homecoming which is something like prom but a much less of a deal....i think....dunno can't say much never went to one...
so you gotta be asking yourself why the heck i'm writing about this then huh?
hold your horses i'm getting there hehehe
well you see...friday was the homecoming game and all...
what i DIDN'T know, was that homecoming was the day after that...
but anyway...people went to Knotts Scary Farm...others went to homecoming...
me? i crawled under a rock and hid there until time passed by...
fun don't you think? well that's what happened...
i sat on my ass looking at other peoples with huge ass smiles on their faces...
i guess that's what you call jealousy and depression huh?
yeah...well...that's what's up...
oh and did i tell you my friend PROMISED me one last dance...
well i was still at home till the end of the dance thing...or was i outside talking to my girl...
bah anyway...the fact was that i wasn't there... =/
*JimJonez out*

just a few thoughts

ok its UBER late so ill make this short

i now understand why you are acting this way...
people says that you should always hang out with the right people...well it seems as if i was too late to help you...if only i was there faster huh?
you know who i'm talking about...
you could always try to be someone else...
but you can't hide who you were before...
people will always remember who you USED to be.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Friday Night Football Game

Hey people ^^
well this post imma talk about my night at Fullerton Union High School
you see, they had this homecoming game....
well at first i wanted to go ALL the games caus i dunno....i liked football and crap...
and i also wanted to spend some times with my friends...
THEN my girlfriend had to VERBALLY drag me outside of the house XD
i dunno how she does it but she actually succeeded into doing that hehehe
im whipped you think? i couldn't argue on that hahaha
but unlike some people i can handle on the extant of how im whipped ;)

so after class earlier that day, the teacher let us out an hour early =)
then i got home while talking to my girlfriend via phone, actually i don't remember one day where i don't talk to her hahaha
then when i got home i jumped on my 360 till my friend got off school and came to my place
we played Gears of War II (yes yes i know such a geek huh? XD whatever)
chainsawed people, filled them with bullets, blow them apart....yeah....the usual ^^
then i had to kick him out caus i had to go to the game and he had an hour before he went to the movies with his family...
i went to Orangethorpe where i waited for the was supposed to come at 0552, i got there at 0552 caus usually its a minute or two late...
i panicked when it was 0600 caus i have to catch two buses to go to school....and if i miss this one i might not make it for the beginning....i hate being late....XD
i started to walk...then i turned around and saw a bus, then i started to run to the other bus stop thing just to see the "out of service" sign....damn i was pissed....
so i started to walk again.....where i saw ANOTHER bus so i was like "this better be it"
i jogged back and got on the bus...when i got off i called my friend and told her i was coming and she told me to meet at this one place
i got to school...went to the visitor's side caus the line is ALWAYS shorter...then i walked up the stadium trying not to get noticed...i went to sit down beside my friend...
then stuffs happened, annoying people said hi....and my friend got we went to grab some funnel's the fun part....
my ex popped out of NOWHERE....yeah...i thought we weren't talking therefore she wouldn't do that AT ALL damn i was like wtf and speechless at the same time...then second fun part was she decided to go throught the middle of the stadium DOWN the stairs PASS in front of the JROTC table...first shit that i saw was 2 dudes that graduated with me sitting there comfortably...then i heard that bitch yeled ME to get out of there caus i was bothering her....fuck i didn't say shit i didn't even BREATHE close to her and they had this dude blasting Angerfist and the other dude just standing there looking idiotic...
so why did she yell the fuck at me huh? fair don't you think? then everyone made as if i was part of he wall so i was like fuck this and walked away...put back my headphones and blasted some good old Rammstein in my ears...i think i heard some people call at me but i was kinda pissed at that my friend came up to me and made me cool can you stay pissed off at a friend that looks like a kid and has this constant doggy eyes!??!
well we got our food and walked back to our seats ate then went back down after half time caus she had to pick up her boyfriend and yeah...then i had to watch the game beside an annoying freshy (he's not really a freshy but i still consider him one) and he did some stuffs i didn't really like and he talked to Mojarro...and he's still fucked up with i was just there... stuck between them and i could feel the tension that Mojarro made to not look at me hahaha
but it was still something so i was like fuck this and i left...god i hate it when i get pissed at this...

i was pretty pissed about i thought hey, why not talk to colonel about being my reference while im here...i went to the JROTC room to find him...on the way i found 4 JROTC i got up to them three of them just scattered...i just felt like busting out laughing to how i could be so stupid to think that they were still my friends...but oh well let them be like that...
so i talked to my friend...he wasn't having such a good day either...
ouff this is getting long oh well
i finished the day talking to my girlfriend...the only person that's behind me no matter what...
im off people...

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

ahhhh shit happens

hey people ^^
imma be direct today
its going to be from good to bad
i don' t think it'll be in chronological order... anyway moving on...

so my girlfriend is in Merced now...UC Merced to be exact ^^ im proud that she got into a good school where she meet awesome roomies but sadly is now 360ish miles from Fullerton...but on the up side, im going to get to see her real soon ^^ im actually starting to save up for that day and all im sooooo hoping that the day will actually work...
first the plan was that i hitchhiked a ride from her mother for a weekend...but was canceled caus it was her idea and not her mother's....therefore i couldn't go...
then i got the idea that i would take the train up there....closely followed by canceling that idea caus i was eu....i AM kinda broke now hahaha
and then out of nowhere she txted me that i could go!
then my heart stopped for half a second and then started to beat like 100 times a second!
i was really happy to hear that her mother insisted that i go with her =)
so now im just planning everything till that day...i can't wait!

then on the sadder note.....

my favorite stalker isn't my favorite anymore...what i mean is that we hardly talk anymore...she has changed...alot...she isn't the same =(
im very sad to see that my relationships with people are going down the drain...

then later on that night (i crashed last night so im continuing it now ^^)
so yeah...........later on that night, my ex and i were talking...then we got into this huge argument about nothing...and i began to think that she was just jumping on the first opportunity to break what's left with our friendship... =(
but then again...shit happens right? i mean since when did things always went according to plan?

anyhow that's basically what happened...
write me if you want to know what happened and all...
take care peps
*Jimster outs*

Sunday, September 13, 2009

All Nighter

Hey people ^^
an hour ago, i just got home from an "all nighter" with a friend...
i'm putting it in " " caus i was the only one that stayed up late hehehe
so let me tell you about my day....

i woke up, then did my usual routine...
then got my blades which i haven't touched in sooooo long XD and went to the library and meet this old friend on the way...
so after dropping my books at the library i sat there for a while feeling the cool breeze running around me...felt good after blading for a while XD anyhow so i called this friend that was supposed to be with this other dude that was supposed to come over later he told me he was going to the friend that i saw i was like hey why don't we all hang out for a while...which we did...for a first i got there, got bitched at and left to get my friend at the other end of the street (no he wasn't there.....yet....)

so arriving there we talked by the time he finished his game of Wow Risk or something like that...then we went back to her place where we gamed for a bit then went BACK to his place (yes its alot of back and forth xD) then we headed to the 99 cents store where the dude got some snacks and headed to my place...
it took my other friend around 10 mins before he joined me...we played a bit of gears of war before my friend's girlfriend to arrive...when she did, we plugged in the PS3 and started the afternoon with a good Final Destination 1-2 then they had to leave...

after that i snuck out and headed to my other OTHER friend XD that was having an allnighter with her church and all...i kinda got lost and its was around i see this bunch of kids running around...Bob Marley was blasting in my ears, i had a dark hoodie on, and i was kinda jamming to the when i got eu.....5~10 meters from the group the younger kids ran inside and the older opened his mouth to say i yanked my earphones out and he looked surprised and asked if he could help me...and all i said was my friend's name and he was like ah ok and bolted inside where i slowly followed with Bob Marley still blasting in one ear...
yet i could still tell what he said later on... "[INSERT PERSON'S NAME HERE] there's a freaky dude in a hoodie asking for you"........when she told me that i was like did they REALLY find me freaky?!? so it was pretty hilarious XD
but oh well it WAS pretty funny hahaha i guess i kinda felt awkward around them caus i think they still think im kinda freaky hehehe FIRST people to think that hahaha

we talked and messed around till 0200 where we all had to crash under one roof....i mean come on....i came for an all nighter...that's why i chugged all that espresso XD
oh well they all crashed and i was there sitting on the ground when people stole my spot...
i was txting till i think my friend i turned on my MP3 and listened to some random music...then i everything felt so quiet i tried to sleep...with no success, i remembered that my friend from Montreal had sleeping problem so he tried meditating which worked for him....and i tried....with a huge failure hahaha

well finally i crashed somewhere close by 0500 but had to leave at 0600 before anybody notices that i was gone hehehe (at home)
so yeah....that's the highlight of the week, day, night....whatever XD
alright peuce out peps gotta run ^^

Monday, September 7, 2009

First week of HS

hey people!!
its 0749 now and i am FREAKING tired!!!!
geez i dunno how Maria can do this (codename Maria not the real Maria XD)
she wakes up everyday like at 0600 and i have NO idea how she can do that

anyhow so last thursday, my friends started high school at Fullerton Union High School
so at some random time i went to see them...i saw some old friends but i wish i would have been able to see others....i found out that some of my friends are going to eu...continuation school?!? or something like that XD on that day i had Oceanography but i decided to drop it...
well if you were in my shoes you would too XD i mean how can i concentrate in class when iim 5 miles from the teacher, the chairs are like couches, and its sooooo puffy in there....makes me sleepy...and i got an "F" in the sylabus test thing....ugh such a pain in the rear end....
but look at it on the good side....i have tuesday morning and thursday off ^^
basically friday morning was the same..class..then high school for lunch..then i went home.
but the odd thing was that i went back to the high school..odd don't you think? well it was because there was a football game that night...

i left the house to wait for the bus where i got a call from my friend...he wanted to know if i had anything to do and if i could go get and cash his check with him...well i had few hours to kill so i was like what the hell? why not? so we meet up half way got his check and a cup from McDo then ran to the bus where i was proven to be faster than him ;)
then we took busses to get to school where we meet up with my other friends...well the ROTC to be exact...

well we hung out for a bit...then i meet up with my ex...dunno if it was a good/bad move but at least i saw someone...then they all had to go up to the stadium...where i fucking got rejeted by first, i had to pay my way in grr...oh well but i helped the people with 50-50 and i saw my OTHER ex >.> oh did i mention you that my OTHER OTHER ex was there too?!? strange kinda happy that my girlfriend wasn't here or else you would find me in a corner assuming the fetal position XD
yeah...well they ALL started to talk to me...i mean i thought that all three of them stopped talking to me but looks like i was mistaken hehehe

well in the middle of 50-50, the visitors was being mean to my friends so i decided to give them a visit with a group of people...turns out that they weren't THAT hostile...i even got to get a "heyyy" from one of the girls hehehe maybe i shouldn't have said that caus i'm not sure how long i'm going to survive anymore hahaha

well yeah....that's basically what happened....XD
alright peuce out people
take cares of yall