Monday, September 7, 2009

First week of HS

hey people!!
its 0749 now and i am FREAKING tired!!!!
geez i dunno how Maria can do this (codename Maria not the real Maria XD)
she wakes up everyday like at 0600 and i have NO idea how she can do that

anyhow so last thursday, my friends started high school at Fullerton Union High School
so at some random time i went to see them...i saw some old friends but i wish i would have been able to see others....i found out that some of my friends are going to eu...continuation school?!? or something like that XD on that day i had Oceanography but i decided to drop it...
well if you were in my shoes you would too XD i mean how can i concentrate in class when iim 5 miles from the teacher, the chairs are like couches, and its sooooo puffy in there....makes me sleepy...and i got an "F" in the sylabus test thing....ugh such a pain in the rear end....
but look at it on the good side....i have tuesday morning and thursday off ^^
basically friday morning was the same..class..then high school for lunch..then i went home.
but the odd thing was that i went back to the high school..odd don't you think? well it was because there was a football game that night...

i left the house to wait for the bus where i got a call from my friend...he wanted to know if i had anything to do and if i could go get and cash his check with him...well i had few hours to kill so i was like what the hell? why not? so we meet up half way got his check and a cup from McDo then ran to the bus where i was proven to be faster than him ;)
then we took busses to get to school where we meet up with my other friends...well the ROTC to be exact...

well we hung out for a bit...then i meet up with my ex...dunno if it was a good/bad move but at least i saw someone...then they all had to go up to the stadium...where i fucking got rejeted by first, i had to pay my way in grr...oh well but i helped the people with 50-50 and i saw my OTHER ex >.> oh did i mention you that my OTHER OTHER ex was there too?!? strange kinda happy that my girlfriend wasn't here or else you would find me in a corner assuming the fetal position XD
yeah...well they ALL started to talk to me...i mean i thought that all three of them stopped talking to me but looks like i was mistaken hehehe

well in the middle of 50-50, the visitors was being mean to my friends so i decided to give them a visit with a group of people...turns out that they weren't THAT hostile...i even got to get a "heyyy" from one of the girls hehehe maybe i shouldn't have said that caus i'm not sure how long i'm going to survive anymore hahaha

well yeah....that's basically what happened....XD
alright peuce out people
take cares of yall


  1. LMAO
    heeeyyy but it's funny though XD

  2. hahaha i know huh?!? XD
    where's YOUR bloggs coming up huh?!? XD