Sunday, October 18, 2009

Weekend to Merced (Friday+Saturday)

Hey peps ^^
i just went through the best weekend since forever!!!!!
i went to see my girlfriend up in Merced =)

Friday October 16th, i had class...a midterm to be exact...and i remember that i was kinda jumping on my seat that day caus i wanted to see my girlfriend so badly XD
we were supposed to leave Fullerton around 12...that's what they told me a week or so ago on that day...then the thursday before that, they told me that the latest was after my midterm i went home, packed my stuffs, tried to make time fly by watching a movie...then got a txt saying that my ride was going to be here at 1900... FOUR HOURS LATER!!!! i'll admit i was pissed...but now i know that the wait was worth it and that it really paid off =)

when my ride got here, we drove through a heavy traffic, ~5 very long hours, then through a very HEAVY fog, to finally find that huge University...her mother told me to go get her while half of my body was already outside the car rushing to her dorm...
when i got to the door, i saw her...there....smiling...caring her drums...damn i missed her...but that darn drum was in the way for a proper hug but at least i got to see her right?? XD
we got to the motel, her mother crashed on one bed and we got on the other..nothing happened rest assured...but we still cuddled hehehe
Saturday morning, we went to the University a BIT too early...(0800 is still too early to me hahaha) grabbed breakfast, listened the band playing, listened to some random dude and chick talking about the foundation of that whatsamacallit in 10 years?!? (which i have slept through a part of it hehehe)then band again...but after that i got some chicken...pasta...bread...god...i ate so much i actually forgot what i ate hahaha they had performances from different clubs...some stuffs like mexican dance, intro dance, then when i heard the word "cheerleader" i straight out asked them if they wanted to go out and do something now that we had finished eating XD
after eating they had a bunch of other activities to do but we didn't go because we just didn't have to! XD but we had to stay till Mariah had to finish her thing with band at 1400, after that, we went to the motel where her mother crashed for while.
by the time she slept, we went to the exercise room that the motel provided...but it turned out that it was kinda crappy with busted treadmill and cheap ass weight lifting after a while we went back in our room and sat there watching tv and cuddling at the same time hehehe

around 1745 her mother woke up, and we all got ready and went to the University for dinner...oh did i tell you that we were randomly talk about how we could have snuck in and got the foods and all for free instead of paying that registration fee thing? yeah it happened throughout Saturday and Sunday hahaha...Mariah was like ugh, Mariah's mother and i were like ROFLMAO humm if i remember correctly...i had a huge ass hot dog with a burger and few slices of tripes...mmmm it was pretty good ^^
and they had a live concert too which was pretty decent till i had to turn around to witness a huge blur dancing few feet behind me....i still get the shivers from seeing that awfulness XD what?!? i swear she was her dancing was... so... scary that American idol won't even allow to put it on screen XD

after eating, we walked around campus for a bit, then went to the downtown where we planned to watch a movie...but it started at 2200 so we just decided to chill at the motel...again...we watched part of a movie there, Mariah took a power nap, i took a shower...and we went for the movie again XD
we watched Couples Retreat or something like that xD it was kinda awkward but funny at the same time hehehe then finally we went to the motel and LITERALLY crashed there god we were pretty tired hahaha

and so am i
night peps

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