Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Wow now i know its been a while since i've written here but oh well hahaha

so here I am hanging out in the Student Center as usual
waiting for my friend to get here and my fingers were OVERWHELMED by the feeling of typing hehehe

on a bad-er note...i broke up with my girlfriend...she was really special to me and treated me nicely and respected me...but she went to a better university up in i hung onto a slight hope that a long distance relationship would probably work out between us yet the hope that i wished to turn into reality was slowly crushed by time and distance

now we are friends...good friends that is =DD

i acquired a job at Bebe's which is a woman retail clothing store...ish...XD
but oh well the point is that i got a job and its being crappy right now DX im thinking about switching yet i don't really want to because i like what i do and whom i work with =DD the environment and the settings are pretty ... entertaining!? and no people, get your heads out of there, its not just because of girls hahaha

College life is ok where it is just a tad bit complicated due to grades and people XD well then again what do you expect from being in the US right!? >.<
i hope that my friend from the H.S. whom are graduating in June might jump in some classes i'm taking at the same time hehehe

oh well whenever i do something crazyly stupid or insane i'll try to post it hehehe
take care now peps

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