Saturday, May 30, 2009

Friends that came back

Hey peps
I REALLY have to update this at least every week lol

Well let's see what happened since I've last posted something here...
My ex and I started to talk to each other again... Which i have no idea if it's a wise move or not...
My friend from Brunei talked to me again hehehe she got some time on her hands so she logged on when i was on hehehe but sadly she logged on when it was 1 o'clock in the morning at her side. So we didn't really have time to talk... But the thing is that we talked !!!! XD

My friend that got me into writing stuffs on this blog stopped posting... So now it's kinda dull but my friend from Brunei post occasionally which is interesting hehehe.

Do you remember that one couple that broke up and the dude went all offensive on my ass? Yeah... well i got with the girl hehehe looks like he made us closer when we went against him.
We've been going out for 2 weeks and 3 days so far... or something close to that hehehe i hope it last more than 22 days this time XD

Last Thursday, i got promoted from First Sergent to First Lieutenant ^^ I kinda wished I could have gotten the rank of Captain which was one "level" higher but we can't get everything we want. Everything went well except that we couldn't really hear the whole thing since I was sitting in the far end of the Battalion, and that there was this one dude that was annoying me. Stupid freshy, thinking he's all cool caus he's getting his ass kissed by the Colonel. Maybe I'm just jealous... But anyway, I was messing around with my friend before the ceremony and he walked into me. Then he spat to me to watch where I was walking, so I just said back watch where HE was walking into, then he got all but hurt and said say that again, I really was about to say it again but I just walked away... I wished i didn't though... I wished i knocked him out caus I have a feeling that I would do that sooner or later...

On a happier and weirder note... Apparently One of my six pack is larger than the one that is one the opposite side XD my friend pointed it out while I was at my friend's party today hehehe
We were swimming... And the food was great hehehe such a great cook her father was XD

Graduation is coming... Friends are leaving... I don't want to lose anyone... But the end of some friendship is coming I know it's coming but i wish it won't... Anyhow I'll end here.
Peuce out peps

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