Tuesday, July 21, 2009


dammit so many thing happened...
where to sat, where to start....
how about starting form the most recent events ^^(*added later on* or i'll just put what ever pops in my head)

well i've heard that my friend from the other side of the earth is having some troubles and its killing me that i can't help -.- hopefully i can get my internet working and all enough to talk to her in the middle of the night... (my time) her blog wasn't really...amusing...nor was it uplifting but oh well...shit happens right?!?

My cousin from Toronto, Ontario came over to visit me with my grandmother ^^ so far we've gamed, swam, ran around places acting like idiots ^^ it's really fun to have him around... but you see... i seeing someone now... and it kinda kills some of my plans, and i really want to be with her before time runs out (summer vac)

BEFORE all of that happened, i lost one of my dearest friend... she won't talk to me... but i'm still waiting by my phone... even though i said i wouldn't... gah i'm despicable -.-
well, that's what happens to fools like me (or JUST me) if you put everything you got in everything you do...

AFTER my cousin touched down in Cali, we went to the beach where a friend and i hosted a bonfire... it was a great day, we had loads of woods, loads of food........but ALL the bonfire pits were taken... so there goes that day -.- but nonetheless it was pretty fun, i got to hang out with some of my friends, and my cousin got to know some people ^^

so far, that's all the crap i can pull outta my ass... so i'll just stop here
take care peps

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  1. But you forgot the part where we MADE a bonfire :D