Sunday, August 23, 2009

Last Week

hey people ^^
i know its been a while here again but at least i still write right?! XD
yeah well imma start to write a novel here so if you want, have a taste of this that im listening to now....

so where should i start... i don't think this would be in chronological order but oh well...
my came to visit us all the way from Brampton, Ontario and they went back the day before i started college ^^
it was pretty interesting... oh wait...didn't i tell you that already?? XD ooh well i'm telling you again! DEAL WITH IT hahaha
well you see, we had fun doing crazy stuffs around here... we had some pretty interesting talk about our life, school, and other crap that popped in and out of our heads XD

anyway........after that my girlfriend had to get ready to leave to a university that was 6 hours away from here... so i had to make the time last and all you know? but the sad part was that "make the time last" turned out to be only a very few hours... but anywho it was worth it i guess... now im just trying to get through life and doign what must be done...

i started college a week ago, i have MUS 135F, FREN101F, ESC(oceanography) 130F, and COUN 151F... they are pretty laid back classes, but its still a pain in the rear end to go to...
the tuition fee (i consider that the course) was paid but the books weren't... so they were UBER expensive!!!

so many things i would like to put here but then it would probable!? XD
oh oh oh here's something.... ok mondays i have MUS 135F and FREN 101F
but between those classes i have like a 2~3 hours gap, so at that time i went to the high school...
(FUllerton College is RIGHT beside Fullerton High School....pretty conveinient don'tcha think?? ^^) so i went there where the JROTC group was "practicing" and "having an important meeting"
bullshit they are XD
so i went up to the people that were sitting outside in front of the freshy tree (that's how i call it) where they had a "meeting"
ok people WHO conducts an IMPORTANT meeting OUTSIDE beside the people that are spinning rifles and all?!? i mean come on... you say that IM a distraction when there are like a bagillion more interesting crap around me while IM jsut standing there hahaha
god....then there's the rifle team... after i left the people from the freshy tree, i went to see my ex that was spinning rifles (pretty creppy that my ex (that is a girl) spins rifles..........kinda get the picture that im tryign to show you people? xD just messing around she's not scary or buff or anything ^^ just a girl that likes to mess around alot hahaha) and talked to her... then the "rifle commander" came over and said crap like "why aren't you practicing" and all that crap... at that point i was like wtf and looked around.....---->i didn't see many people that ARE actually doing something.... oh and did i tell you that dude was her ex?!? XD scary huh? and the strange thing was he was trying to get me jealous and impress me with his rifle spining and all hahaha such cowardly tactics XD and later on we went to McDonalds where i heard that he kicked all the people that didn't come back... and they had like 5 people with me from the 6man rifle team... and somehow i have a feeling it was my fault that they got kicked off the team...

alright EMO MOMENT!!!! im getting off now before i say something stupid >.>
peuce out people

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