Thursday, February 12, 2009

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Hey all
Today is one of those days that was just totally there.
Today is the day where the JROTC peps wear their uniform and look all fancy and stuffs...

It started as a typical day like the others...
Went to class,
Sleep in English,
Yell at people that are being fags...
Yep the typical day of Jimmy Phung...

After school i went to Special Teams practice,
Which consisted of drilling and map reading,
But that's beside the point...

What i wanted to tell you that was what happened after i thought it was just a normal day like the others,
What ended that typical day was at McDonalds after practice,
The usual group of people that were always at every practice and which i usually hang out with always go to McDonalds after practice...
It's probably a tradition nowadays XD

Well you see...
There was this guy...
A guy tapped my shoulder and asked me and my friend to help him...
He precisely said "Can you two come and help me? There's an unconscious man in the restroom."
Then i was like O.O
But i went to help him anyway...

When i went to the restroom,
I saw a pair of legs sticking out from the booth,
And the man opened the door,
And i saw another man lying on his own puke.

It was pretty disturbing,
Piles of puke everywhere,
Foams looking thing coming out from the guy's mouth,
And worst part of all was that the guy had his pants down -.-'
But one chance his boxers where still on XD

So the next thing i knew,
Was me grabbing the guy's legs and holding them tight,
My friend had his chest,
And the other conscious dude was holding his head facing the wall so the unconscious dude won't choke on his own puke...

A cashier or maybe the manager came and called 911,
Few minutes a firetruck, closely followed by an ambulance showed up in front of the McDs,
Then the dude that got us let the others handle the situation,
By the time help came we were able to make the guy gain consciousness and talk a bit,
So as we headed back to "our spot,"
The Medics had everything under control.

Apparently he had an overdose of drugs or something like that...
Or maybe he just had some random seizure XD

Well anyway
It was a great experience...
I mean it wasn't really cool to almost die from drowning in your own puke,
But it was the first crisis i've experienced since I've gotten my first aid certificate.

Ah well,
That was my INTERESTING day ^^
Hope you liked it.


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