Saturday, February 21, 2009

Valentines night

hey all
i know its been a while since i've posted something, but anyways,
i kinda purposely waited for something interesting to happen..
and it did!!!

Saturday was Valentines day, and I was bored...
So I got this program called IMVU, it's a random chat program,
And I meet this fantastic girl online from Brunei beside Malaysia...

BESIDE Malaysia!!!!!
XD anyhow the thing that i want to say is that she is a great person...
She's smart, pretty, cute, kind, understandable......and far XD

Almost everyday i arranged myself to be online at that specific time,
Because at that specific time she gets off from school,
Then we talk until i think i'm going to crash.

When I meet her it was like Christmas all over again,
I mean she needed me, and I got someone I can talk to in harsh times...
Come to think of it...I didn't even get anything during xmas XD

Anyway it's been a week already...
And it feels like we know each other since the beginning of time XD

Anybody interested into going Brunei any time soon????
....With me?!?!? XD


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